Audio Recordings

At Pleasant View Church Of Christ, we record all of our different preacher’s sermons who take the pulpit.  What you will find on this site will be recordings from the most recent meetings.  We have found this to be an invaluable resource for the spreading of the Gospel.  We do our very best to provide good sound quality and intelligibility so that all speech is well understood.  Please feel free to browse all of our different Gospel preacher’s sermons and let us know if there are specific topics that you would like to be made available.  Online sermons are in MP3 format and are available for online listening, sharing, and downloading.

2 thoughts on “Audio Recordings

  1. I am so hoping that you will be posting the Audio Recordings of the meeting. I am on my second time through the current listings!

  2. Hi there! Yes I will post the audio, Lord willing, once the meeting is completed. I still need to post the recordings from our recent Brett Hickey meeting, but I keep forgetting to bring in to work my other laptop that contain the recordings so they can be uploaded. 🙂

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