Kevin Presley, Fall 2022

Our Fall 2022 Meeting with Kevin Presley is in the books!  It was well attended and our appreciation goes out to all who came and helped us support this Gospel effort.  If you were unable to attend, we haven’t left you in the cold!  You may click the links and listen to all of Bro. Kevin’s sermons using online streaming or download the audio file clicking the three-dot button on the right and choosing ‘Download’.  You are welcome to share these recordings as you see fit.  We simply ask that you credit the preacher when doing so.


Can You Recommend Your Religion?

Can We Find One Like Joseph?

A Walk Through Darkness

The Formula For A Fool

Did Jesus Die In Vain?

The Judgement Of Joab

From Reign To Ruin

Six Views On The Lord’s Supper

Walking In The Steps Of Jesus