Meeting With Brett Hickey of ‘Let The Bible Speak’ Upcoming!


Want to meet Bro. Hickey in person? Make plans to attend! Please note that this is NOT a typical Sunday to Sunday meeting. Take a careful look at the dates to make your plans. 🙂

We are pleased to announce our Spring 2014 Meeting with Brett Hickey is just around the corner!  Beginning Friday May 16th through Thursday May 22nd, we with have nightly preaching with your host from ‘Let The Bible Speak’.  We would be honored with your presence to hear the Truth taught plainly and with ease of understanding.  Services are at 7:30 pm nightly and 10am and 1:30 pm on Sunday the 17th.  Come meet Brett in person and don’t forget to watch ‘Let The Bible Speak’, the highest rated religious programming you can find on Sunday morning, every Sunday at 6:30am on KY3 in the Spingfield, MO area (check local listings).  We look forward to your attendence in support of the Gospel effort.  Please note that these are NOT typical Sunday to Sunday meeting dates, so plan carefully!  🙂

-Jay Rice, Pleasant View Church Of Christ

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