New Gospel Meeting Recordings Added!

We just completed the additions of Brett Hickey’s and Kevin Presley’s 2014 gospel meetings at Pleasant View to the website for you to listen to and share.  You can find them in the ‘Audio Recordings’ tab above.  Both meetings were a great success and we look forward to having these preachers come see us again very soon.  These lessons are both powerful and relevant to the time that we live in while staying true to what the scriptures have always told us through the ages.  We hope that you enjoy the recordings and only ask that if you download and distribute (which is why these are here) that you would please credit the preacher somewhere in the meta-data or in the file name.  Thanks for stopping by and we would love to see you in person on the Lord’s day if you are ever in the Springfield, MO area!

-Jay Rice

Gospel Meeting With Kevin Presley Upcoming!


We are pleased to announce our Summer 2014 Meeting with Kevin Presley is just around the corner! Beginning Monday July 21st through Sunday July 27th,  Kevin will be holding forth nightly through the week at 7:30 pm and will be preaching for us at 10  am and 1:30 pm on the Lord’s Day services. We would be honored with your presence to hear the Truth taught plainly and with ease of understanding.  Please note that this isn’t a ‘Sunday to Sunday’ meeting and that it actually begins on a Monday.  We hope to see you there!

-Jay Rice, Pleasant View Church Of Christ